CH KenaSher's Hickory Tavern

(CH KenaSher's Divine Wind, SOM  X  KenaSher's Masked Rider)

aka: Buster

January 7, 1999 - May 7, 2003

You will never grow old,
through death you have acheived eternal Springtime.
We shall meet again sweet boy,
We love you so much.

Buster takes WD at the Decatur AL KC
show on November 13, 1999
under judge Mrs. Barbara D. Alderman.
Buster takes WD and BW at the
Mississippi State KC show on January 21, 2000
under judge Mr. John T. Connolly.
Buster takes WD and BOS
at the Newnan KC show on April 1, 2000
under judge Mr. T. C. Conway.
Buster takes BOS at the
Tar Heel Boxer Club Specialty
(held in conjunction with the Durham KC show)
on March 22, 2002 under judge Mr. Joe Heine.
Buster takes BOB at the
Douglasville KC show on March 31, 2002
under judge Ms. Charlotte C. McGowan.

KenaSher Boxers, Ken and Sherry Johnson

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