CH KenaSher's Candle In The Wind

(CH KenaSher's Divine Wind, SOM  X  Farbeyond's RedHotDreamBreaker)

aka: Abby

Echo Doppler - Clear
Holter - Normal

Abby takes WB, BW, and BOS at the
Tennessee Valley KC show on November 3, 2000
under judge Mr. D. H. Porterfield.
Abby takes WB and BOS at the
Columbia KC show on September 30, 2000
under judge Mrs. D. M. Cole.
Abby takes WB, BW, Best Puppy in Breed and a
Group 1st Puppy at the Huntsville KC show on
November 11, 2000 under judge Mrs. Irene Bivin.
Abby takes WB, BW, and BOB at the
Cahaba Valley KC show on November 18, 2001
under judge Mr. J. R. Cole.
Abby takes WB and BW at the
Columbus KC show on August 31, 2001
under judge Mrs. J. A. Doniere.
Abby takes WB, BOS, and a 3 point major at the
Conyers KC show on February 1, 2003
under judge Mr. Peter Baynes.
Abby takes WB, her 2nd major and her final points
to complete her AKC championship requirements at the
Tullahoma KC Of Tennessee show on March 7, 2003
under judge Mr. Edd Embry Bivin. 

KenaSher Boxers, Ken and Sherry Johnson

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